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While Mindy herself is down-to-earth, her results are heavenly. Elegant is the word that keeps popping into our heads and out of the mouths of our friends and family in reaction to her work. Mindy is talented, creative, resourceful, fiercely loyal, tenacious, accessible and pragmatic. She is in your corner from start to finish. Her work ethic, commitment and love for what she does allow us to offer an unqualified recommendation to anyone lucky enough to engage her to design their home. Simply put, working with Mindy is like having a relative in the business, she makes you feel like you are her only client and she couldn’t be any more invested in the project if it was her own home.

Mindy is serious about the art of design and has a keen gift for helping clients achieve their own vision. We had very specific tastes, likes and dislikes and sometimes awkward ideas.   Mindy tactfully listened to us and then created a fresh, unique and sophisticated version of our styles, taken to a new level.

Mindy has an incredible sense of color and a great feel for unexpected combinations.   Her solutions to problems are anything but obvious or boring.  She knows how to guide her clients to the best solutions for their needs and budget while educating them about design, color and style.  She gently nudged, coaxed and elevated our own aesthetic sense.  Mindy has given us the gift of a timeless, elegant, comfortable home that reflects both our personalities.

CPO and RPO, New York, NY


Mindy Miles Greenberg of Encore Décor Interior Design was an absolute joy to work with! I found her to be very creative, responsive and her attention to detail is remarkable. There was not one design challenge in my project that Mindy did not find a great solution for and she worked extremely well with my contractor. She designed a new kitchen and bathroom that are both incredibly functional and beautiful. She also chose furnishings for my living and dining room that are unique and so comfortable to live with. 

Encore Décor has access to some fabulous vendors and resources that I would have never discovered on my own. As a result, I now have an incredible home with warmth and character that is also modern and edgy. I now love my place and would recommend Encore Décor Interior Design to anyone regardless of how large or small their project may be.



When I closed on my apartment and knew I was in over my head in the design department, so I went searching for an Interior Designer. I have to admit that I did not know the first thing about decorating and interior design when I began this project and was lucky enough to find Mindy Miles Greenberg owner of Encore Décor® Ltd. to help me with this endeavor.

Mindy possesses a vast knowledge of design and was able to work with me to define the right style and ambience to suit my lifestyle. After just one meeting, she was able to figure out me and my style - no easy task.

My initial visit was comprised of a walkthrough of the space and an initial design plan - that was then made more robust.  Mindy suggested, and I agreed, that the space would be well suited for unique items from around the city and the world.  She knew exactly where to go to accomplish the task.  Even though my new possessions are from many different vendors, the look is totally me.  She has an amazing eye for color and selected amazing light fixtures that I absolutely love.

Mindy is innovative, creative and comes prepared with her bag of tricks.  She is friendly and funny and has an easy going personality; it was not her goal to push me into purchasing items I did not need.  She saw my project through from start to finish and was willing to do whatever it took to get the job done correctly and exceed my expectations.  She possesses the knack of making things look easy, thinks fast on her feet and handles herself calmly in unexpected situations.  She very much cares about all her projects and works hard to ensure every detail was just as I envisioned it.

Shopping with Mindy was an experience; she has opened my eyes to a whole new world.  Mindy has been able to get me to think outside of the box and become more creative which is not an easy task.

Another thing I am grateful for is that she was willing to work within my busy schedule.  She is very generous with her time and extremely accessible; returning emails and voicemails promptly.  Her design assistants ensure that order and delivery details don't fall through the cracks. Her team always goes above and beyond the call of duty.  I could not have gotten it done without them.

This experience has been much more than I ever expected. I have a home that I can call my own and love to return to every night.    Also I have developed a design confidant in Mindy that will outlast this design engagement.

I trust Mindy’s judgment implicitly and value her opinion and expertise explicitly.  I would highly recommend her and her team for any project big or small; and look forward to working with her again on my next project, a Hampton’s weekend home.  Mindy will be my first and last call in the design department.

Aly Goldfarb


When I purchased a two bed-two bath in a brand new building, I was a bit overwhelmed with what to do; my work schedule is very demanding, I travel frequently during the week, and my last apartment was furnished mostly from retail chain stores.  I had previously enlisted the help of my parents for design assistance but I knew this time I deserved/needed professional help.  I had a dream for my new place to be "dressy" and modern and reflect my personality and city lifestyle.

Mindy truly made my dreams into reality.  My apartment is absolutely fabulous and everyone who comes to visit is thrilled by how stylish my home has become. From lighting, furniture, paint color/technique, art framing, fabrics, window treatments, accessories and sofa design, Mindy did it all. She worked with the existing pieces I kept from my previous apartment and then guided me to the best retail and custom options out there. Mindy respected my budget and ensured that I made the most of what I could afford.  And she found unusual materials for my windows and breakfast bar that have made my apartment unique and ready for a design magazine.

Best of all, by working with Mindy, I knew that everything would fit, relate to the overall concept, and be installed as ordered.  This was a tremendous relief to me as my apartment was complete very quickly and did not require me to take days-off from work to supervise.

Working with Mindy was an absolute pleasure.  She is very enthuastic, incredibly knowledgeable, and friendly to everyone.  It’s safe to say that my parents happily have relinquished their role as decorators as they now come over and say “WOW” and pledge to use Mindy for their next project.

Shawn Hecht


I purchased my first apartment - a two bed/one bath in a pre-war building - in late 2007.  For months, it was unfurnished, unpainted and uninspired due primarily to my hectic work schedule. In addition to having little time to focus on it, I also lacked direction.  While I knew that I wanted my apartment to be reflective of my personality and style, I just didn't know where to begin.  Enter Mindy.

From the date that we began working together, Mindy listened to me and designed a plan that was responsive to my wishes yet also went beyond my initial vague vision.  Mindy patiently helped me select a color scheme that makes my home feel cohesive yet warm, built-in bookcases and radiator covers that complement the time period of my building and furniture that is elegant but also functional. In place of four empty rooms, I now have a beautiful and comfortable living room, an elegant dining room, a peaceful and relaxing bedroom and a warm and functional guest bedroom.  In short, I now have a home.

Throughout the process, Mindy was a true professional.  She was sensitive to my busy work schedule and the requirements of my building, ensuring deliveries arrived when they were scheduled and workers were on time and completed their work appropriately.  She also took the time to share her passion and knowledge of design and art with me, so that I truly felt that I was part of the design process. Overall, I could not be happier with how my apartment looks and feels - I smile every night when I come home and am still receiving compliments from friends and family on my beautiful home!



This is my heartfelt endorsement of the professionalism, creativity and customer service provided by Mindy Miles Greenberg of Encore Décor.  The best I can say is I will continue to use her skills in all future decorating endeavours.

Thanks Mindy, good job.

Lily Sim


I love my new home thanks to Mindy.

I wanted my new space to be attractive, warm, welcoming, comfortable, simple and reflective of my new life.  Equally important, it had to hold what mattered most to me: my family photos, my art - especially my husband's paintings, treasured books and my eclectic collection of things gathered through a lifetime, that I could not bear to discard.  I also had a budget and timeline.

Out of the clutter of my life lived on two continents, in five cities and eleven homes, plus the challenge of moving into the smallest space I had ever called home, Mindy gave life to my vision (culled from my inarticulate expression, her keen observations, and her tremendous knowledge of what she does). She did it well.  Sizing up the strengths and weaknesses of the space, suggesting this fixture or that sofa, using that old table but urging me to buy that new bed, finding the incredible craftsmen to build the cabinets that "made" the room & dragging me to places that I wouldn't have thought of myself.

She stretched me, taught me and always respected me, my ideas, values, budget & my timeline.

Professional, prompt, hardworking. No hour seemed too late or too early, cheerful and energetic, she was and is a pleasure to know and work with.

As it has been said, "The proof is in the pudding."

Thanks, Mindy.

Arline Brown


Look no further!

Mindy has designed three entirely different spaces for me over the past 10 years and in doing so has proven her versatility as an interior designer. We started with a dull Manhattan studio which she transformed into a beautiful pied-a-terre.  The tasteful combination of wall colors, window treatments and furniture created a cheerful and cozy atmosphere, and every inch of space was put to practical use in a "non-overwhelming" manner.

We then moved on to a country house. Mindy proved she could handle large spaces just as efficiently.  In the end, my wonderful home not only had the perfect country "feel," but reflected my personality.

We just recently concluded the third project, a large two-bedroom apartment with floor to ceiling windows.  Again, Mindy created the perfect design for a chic city apartment.

Have you ever dealt with a salesperson that promises to find you your perfect "whatever," then attempts to unload their own inventory?  I can guarantee that with Mindy, you'll never have an experience like this.  She is an intelligent, creative and extremely reliable listener/designer who will help you create YOUR perfect space, no matter what your budget. She's a real gem!

Sandra Peterson


We just love our apartment so much and we have you to thank for it!! Everything has turned out really well.  We love the bedroom furniture – it’s so beautiful.  The sofa, entertainment center, dining table - the whole apartment is really comfortable, extremely practical and looks great also.   Also, we just adore the desk!

All of our light fixtures also look great - and everything looks beautiful with the paint colors.

Thank you so much for all of your help in turning our apartment into a beautiful home.  We love living here and always say that we look forward to coming home every night - and that's really what it should be all about.



I hardly know where to begin in recommending Mindy - she turned my apartment into a home.   At first I had my opinions and tried to impart my taste into the mix and then it clicked...I finally got it! When I let Mindy do "her thing" the magic began.  I took a back seat and let Mindy do the driving.

My home is now my palace.  From a small bowl she merely picked up to accent my end table to the stunning curtains I would never have selected, or the custom wall unit I desperately needed for storage - every little thing is pulled together.  She added important pieces into the mix that brought my personality into my home, and kept in mind my budget and scheduling needs.  She listens and understands yet guides you into making the right choices. To say I love my home doesn’t even come close to describing how I really feel when I enter, to lounge or to entertain.  Sometimes I can’t even believe I live here and it is all due to Mindy.  All in all, I write this to anyone who is even half way on the fence about using a designer and specifically Mindy Miles Greenberg.

Let go and let Mindy make magic for you and the rest is domestic bliss.

Margaret Selby


  917 974 4500